The Α.Ε.Ι. Audiovisual Forum was established in 2019 by Stavros Papageorgiou (owner of Tetraktys Films), a Cypriot producer and director of cultural, ethnographic and archaeological documentaries.

The aim of the Α.Ε.Ι. Audiovisual Forum is the development of cultural, historic, ethnographic and archaeological documentaries in Cyprus and the dissemination of the culture and history of Cyprus through various activities, in the heart of which is always the audiovisual sector.

The activities of the Α.Ε.Ι. Audiovisual Forum are categorized in the following axes:

  • Participation of the Organization in programs for the education of young people in literacy in the Media and in the News.
  • Educating young people in film education
  • Production of audiovisual films with educational, and entertaining content.
  • Education of the youth and of professionals in audiovisual production.
  • Development of programs that promote the promotion, maintenance, improvement and development of education and spiritual cultivation (CULTURE), intercultural dialogue and active citizen participation.
  • Production of audiovisual films with educational, and entertaining content.
  • Function of digital platform for the dissemination of the history and culture of Cyprus, on a local, as well as international level.

From the first year of the establishment of the Α.Ε.Ι. Audiovisual Forum, the following actions were being implemented:

  • Organization of a series of educational workshops with high school students, in collaborating with the “Directors’ Group” and the Cyprus branch of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network.
  • Organization of the 2nd International Festival Of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentaries, in collaboration with the Tetraktys Production Company, the Aglantzia Municipality and the CyBC.
  • Production of two short trailers about the AEI 2019 Film-Festival and the educational workshops.



CEO of A.E.I. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM and Film Festival Director

Stavros Papageorghiou is an established film producer and the CEO of TETRAKTYS FILMS, a leading film production company based in Cyprus. In 2019, Stavros founded A.E.I. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM, a non profit Organization in order to develop and disseminate the cultural heritage and history of Cyprus through various educational and cultural activities in the heart of which is always the audiovisual sector.


Educational Workshops Coordinator

Ektor Papageorgiou upon his graduation from the MET Film school in November 2012, has joined TETRAKTYS FILMS as cinematographer/director of photography. In 2019 he co founded A.E.I AUDIOVISUAL FORUM. He is the coordinator of educational film workshops with high school students organised by the AEI Organization in collaborating with the Network of UNESCO Associated Schools Network in Cyprus that take place every year and the short films produced by the students through this project, are being screened at the AEI Film Festival.


Educational Workshops Coordinator

Electra Papageorgiou studied Psychology at the University of Cyprus and graduated in 2020. Her dissertation was sponsored by Youth Board of Cyprus (O.N.E.K) and the subject was related to the University’s LGBTQI community and organization.
During her studies. Electra has attended to various projects and programmes related to social communities and social injustices as she is interested in social psychology.


Festival Programme Coordinator

Maria Kokkinou studied archaeology at the University of Cyprus. In 2018, Maria had successfully finished her studies in Archaeology at the Universitat de Valencia (UV). After her graduation, she worked for some time at the Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia. She also participated at various archaeological excavations in Cyprus. Maria’s passion about archaeology, cinema and photography was the reason that she entered the management team of the Cyprus Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Film Festival, in 2018 and continues until today.