Synopsis :
Horror in the Andes is a behind-the-scenes documentary that follows the process of making a horror movie in Ayacucho, Peru. Directed by audio-visual anthropologist Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, it explores how Andean filmmakers use the horror genre as a means to revive stories of a pre-colonial past. Appropriating a global cinematic language to tell local (hi)stories of violent pasts, our attention is drawn to contemporary social issues like ethnicity and gender. Infused with warmth and affection, Horror in the Andes pays testament to the craft of filmmaking and its community.

Genre: Ethnography
Runtime: 34 minutes
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Director: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Producer: Andy Lawrence
Camera & Sound: Jose Luis Fajardo

Screenings & Awards
RAI film festival
BristolUnited KingdomMarch 28, 2019UK PremierCommendation Richard Werbner Award

SVA Film and Media Festival
Vancouver United States November 20, 2019 US Premiere Official Selection, Best Short Documentary

Oaxaca Film Fest
Oaxaca Mexico October 4, 2019 North American Premiere New Industry Selection

Inshort Film Festival
Lagos Nigeria November 10, 2020 Africa Premiere

Ethnografische Filmtage Bremen
Bremen Germany November 20, 2019 Germany Premiere

World Festival Corrientes
Corrientes Argentina November 26, 2019 South America Premiere Best documentary short

Athens Ethnographic Film Festival
Athens Greece December 4, 2019 Greece Premiere

Medellin International Film Festival
Medellin Colombia February 12, 2020 Colombia Premiere Best documentary short

Director’s Biography
Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, born 1983 in Vienna. 2010-2015 PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester. 2015-2020 research assistant in Media Anthropology at the University of Bern. Currently visiting scholar at the Centre for Media, Culture and History at the New York University.

September 13 @ 22:25
22:25 — 23:00 (35′)

E.I.C. Athalassa, Outdoor Screening Area