Ιn the presence of the creators

The documentary is about the Laiki Geitonia (Traditional Neighbourhood) of Larnaca. In this short film we present how the area developed. Through photos, we see the daily lives of the people who work there. Then, Mr Kyriacos Kontovourkis, who has been working in the area since 1980, describes what this road was like, as well as the few workshops which were there when he started this job. As time went by, though, many others opened their own stores and several people wish to open a shop in this location. Furthermore, many people visit the area at weekends.

Director:Sotia Myrto Christodoulidou, Assistant Director: Lisa Lorens, Research/Script: Anastasia Markoulli, Elisavet Balambanidou, Maria Kakoulli, Cameramen: Mariam Abdul, Zambella Demetriou, Editor: Anastasis Nicolaou, Sound: Mariam Abdul, Production Manager: Maria Papacharalambous,

Supervising teachers: Maria Dapola , Michelina Stavrinou

September 15 @ 11:20
11:20 — 11:40 (20′)

Cultural Center at Aglantzia Old Square ( K. Karaolis Square)