Synopsis :
Tribute to the city of Ragusa. The documentary analyzes the historical stages fundamentals that led Ragusa to be the city we see today. A beautiful territory hosts a thousand-year history full of intertwining cultural and unique vicissitudes until the destruction of the earthquake and the subsequent Baroque revival. A current Ragusa explained from afar. With the participation of some historians and experts of the territory, through a romantic vision, Ragusa is built together.

Runtime: 40 minutes
Genre: Archaeology
Country of Origin: Italy

From an idea of:Francesco Bocchieri, Luana Dicunta
Written and directed by: Francesco Bocchieri
Director of Photography: Marcello Bocchier
Original music: Vincent Migliorisi
Narrating voice: Massimo Lectern

Biography and filmography of the director
Always passionate about the ancient world and the historical dynamics of the territories, Francesco Bocchieri, president of the cultural association “TERRA”, deals with the dissemination of sites of historical and archaeological interest in his city. Thanks to the contribution of his brother, Marcello Bocchieri professional photographer, Francesco approaches the world of documentary films with his first work “RAGUSA TERRA IBLEA”. Now the two brothers are busy producing another documentary with an archaeological background.

Author’s notes
The need to tell the story of my city arises from the problems caused by modern society. More and more connected with the world and more and more distant from “HOME”. House understood as identity, roots, the pride of belonging to a wonderful land.


Screening Sponsor: Embassy of Italy Nicosia

September 11 @ 21:00
21:00 — 21:40 (40′)

E.I.C. Athalassa, Outdoor Screening Area