International Competition Section

Αrchaeοlogy / Greek , 2019

A marble of relief of excellent art craft from the National Archaeological museum in Athens. Marble relief – semi-relief Height: 75 cm, width: 88 cm. It was found in Neo Faliro, Attica, in 410 B.C. The abduction of nymph Basile by the hero Echelos, on a two-sided relief. On the one side the scene is intensely dramatic. Hermes drives the horses, which carry the chariot on which the young hero of Attica, Echelos, holds the nymph tight by the waist. The nymph leans bashfully on the hero. On the other side there is a calm presentation, with Artemis in her shrine welcoming new mortals, Cephissus and three nymphs.

Director: Takis Bardakos
Director of Photography: Takis Bardakos
Produced by: Squarefilms

September 12 @ 18:30
18:30 — 18:35 (5′)

Cultural Center at Aglantzia Old Square ( K. Karaolis Square)