Cypriot Competition Section

Ethnography / Cyprus, 2016

In the presence of the director

In the divided island of Cyprus a group of refugees from the occupied village of Kapouti try to keep a tradition that links them to their village: the traditional art of making the Kapoutian straw-mat. An old weaving machine from their village is discovered. A re-enactment of the whole process of making the Kapoutian straw-mat , the cutting down of the plant in rivers and lakes, the weaving in traditional weaving machines and its distribution to the market. Will this bring back a lost link to their village? Can this tradition be passed on the new generation?

Director: Leda Ayiomamiti
Director of photography: Christos Ayiomamitis
Editing: Leda Ayiomamiti
Research, Production Management: Charalambos Tterlikkas
Music: Michael Tterlikkas
Sound design: Stavros Terlikkas
Graphics: Constantinos Terlikkas
Produced by: Community counsel of Kapouti

September 13 @ 18:00
18:00 — 18:40 (40′)

Cultural Center at Aglantzia Old Square ( K. Karaolis Square)