Ιn the presence of the creators

An integral part of the musical-dancing traditions of the wider Greek area, Cypriot traditional dances are a basic expression of the oral and traditional culture of Cyprus. They relate to all the important moments of Cypriot life. Our documentary presents the Cypriot male dance of craftsmanship; the dance of sickle, tatsia and “candela” or glass. It focuses on the particular characteristics of these dances, while examining some social stereotypes resulting from the careful study of Cypriot men’s dances. In addition, reference is made to the purpose for which these three dances were danced, as well as information on the “tool” used by the dancer in each dance. Additionally, the film refers to the musical sounds accompanying the dances, with special reference to the traditional musical instruments: violin, lute, “tamboutsia” and “pithkiavli”.

Director:Nicholas Mattheou, Assistant Director/Sound: Sotiris Hadjigeorghiou, Research/Script: Theodora Kretsou, Research/Script/Translation:Katerina Solomonidou, Director of Photography: Anastasia Tziakouri Editor:Theodora Christodoulou Editor:Rafaella Konstantinou, Production manager/ Musician: Christia Demetriou, Music/Still Photographer: Christina Tsaousoglou, Presentation: Andreana Iona

September 15 @ 10:40
10:40 — 11:00 (20′)

Cultural Center at Aglantzia Old Square ( K. Karaolis Square)