The ΑΕΙ Film festival focuses on the three pillars: Archaeology, Ethnography and History and aspires to become a vessel of promoting and disseminating the cultural heritage of our homeland, Cyprus, through the art of documentary. At the same time, it acts as a platform of collecting, documenting and screening documentaries, which portray stories of people, countries and civilizations from all over the planet, making it both a national and an international festival.

 The most important function of the festival however is its educational aspect, particularly the participation of students of all ages, not only as spectators but as creators as well, an aspect, which is enriched every year and drives young people towards researching, documenting and presenting matters concerning cultural heritage and the history of Cyprus, through documentaries.

In 2018, Tetraktys Films, in collaboration with the Cyprus UNESCO Associated Schools Network, launched in pilot phase the first series of students’ workshops on short film production, with the participation of 60 students and 7 teachers from 6 Lyceums. In the context of the workshop, the students created five 10-minute documentaries, which were presented at the 1st International Festival of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentary, and later on, at a students’ seminar, where the second series of the workshops was announced.

In 2019 the second series of the same workshop is actualized, with the participation of 160 high schools students and 15 teachers from 13 lyceum which belong to the Cyprus UNESCO Associated Schools Network. The organizers of the workshops delegated their training to a group of 4 directors, aiming to create thirteen 10 – minute documentaries, which will be presented at the 2nd International Festival of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentary. The students’ groups participating at the second series of workshops will contest for three cash prizes for the best documentaries, set by the Radio and Television Authority of Cyprus. 

The rest of the educational activities, which will be held this year are the following:

  • Workshop in the creation of a short film, with the participation of 4 primary schools of Aglandjia.
  • An interactive musical-theatrical workshop entitled “A photograph, a voice and a lute will travel us back in time”
  • A geology workshop by the Troodos Geopark, aiming to familiarize children with the science of geology of the Troodos mountain range.
  • A ceramic workshop with Suzanna Petri, where children will be taught how to craft a figurine inspired by the chalcolithic period, as well as a small pot, using the ancient techniques of the artists of the past.
  • An archaeological workshop with archaeologist Elisabeth Stephani, entitled “Allow me to introduce myself: archaeologist”, aiming to familiarize students with the science of archaeology.

Additionally, a students’ symposium will take place in October, where students and teachers who took part in this year’s workshops will share their experiences with students and teachers from schools interested in participating in the next round of workshops, which will take place in 2020. 

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The second series of students’ workshops on short documentary film production with the participation of 160 students and 13 teachers from High Schools and Lyceums belonging to the Cyprus UNESCO Associated Schools Network, became reality due to the support of the following organisations

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