The newly founded, non profit NGO Α.Ε.Ι. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM along with Tetraktys Films production Company, the Aglantzia Municipality and the CyBC, co-organize the 2nd Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentary Film Festival (AEI 2019 Film Festival), screening a notable selection of Cypriot and international documentaries dealing with Archaeology, Ethnography and History, hosting interesting discussions, presentations and educational activities, and promoting the exciting present and the dynamic future of the Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical documentary.  It is worth mentioning that our festival is internationally recognized this year, since it has acquired the quality certification EFFE Label 2019 – 2020, for promoting the history and culture of Cyprus through innovative actions, addressed to Cypriots and non-Cypriots, with special emphasis on the youth. For the same reason, AEI 2019 Film Festival  is supported by the sub ministry of Tourism and other public, semi-public and private bodies.

From the 12 – 15 of September, AEI2019 Film Festival will take place at “Skali” Cultural Center. Within four days, it will host 31 movies, which will carry the audience to Russia, India, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, the U.K., Greece and of course Cyprus. The national screening program includes the premiere of the documentary “Kinyras, the cherished priest of Aphrodite”a film about the mythical king of Cyprus, Kinyras. Two documentaries from the CyBC film collection will be screened. Additionally, the audience will have the pleasure of meeting many artists, who will present their films and share their experiences. 

The educational aspect of the festival is in the spotlight this year as well. During the festival, 13 ten-minute documentaries will be screened, prepared by high school students, who participated in workshops organized by the AEI Film Festival, in collaboration with the UNESO Associated Schools Network, which were supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National UNESCO Committee, the Cypriot Youth Organization, the Cyprus Archaeology Association  and the Cyprus Radio-television Authority, which established awards for the three best students’ documentaries. Additionally, a students’ symposium will take place within the festival framework, where students and teachers who took part in this year’s workshops will share their experiences with students and teachers from schools interested in participating in the next round of workshops, which will take place in 2020. This year we introduce primary school students of Aglandjia schools in the creation of a short film, through a three hour film workshop.

Further more  four other  workshops for children will be held:

  • An interactive musical-theatrical workshop entitled “A photograph, a voice and a lute will travel us back in time”
  • A geology workshop by the Troodos Geopark, aiming to familiarize children with the science of geology of the Troodos mountain range.
  • A ceramic workshop with Suzanna Petri, where children will be taught how to craft a figurine inspired by the chalcolithic period, as well as a small pot, using the ancient techniques of the artists of the past.
  • An archaeological workshop with archaeologist Elisabeth Stephani, entitled “Allow me to introduce myself: archaeologist”, aiming to familiarize students with the science of archaeology.

The  AEI Film Festival will also include the following activities:

  • Photographic exhibition of the P.I.O entitled: “The International Cultural Heritage of Cyprus: History, Myth and Religion”
  • Presentation of the 3D representation of architectural monuments from ancient Pompei, by the Italian director- 3D graphic designer Allesandro Furlan
  • Presentation by Michalis Pieri entitled: “The theatrical aspect in Kavafis’ poetry”, occasioned by the screening of the documentary “Kavafians”
What is the EFFE Label ?

The EFFE Label is Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.

The ΕFFE Label was awarded to the Cyprus Archaeological, Ethnographic Hisyorical Film Festival (AEI Film Festival) and after being evaluated by international experts in the festival world.

AEI 2019 Film Festival  is embedded in the European artistic, cultural and social reality as well as fulfills all of  the 10 quality standards set by the evaluators:
1. presenting a coherent and curated artistic programme;
2. supporting on-going artistic development (some examples of this are: offering residencies to artists, contributing to new creations, and supporting artistic research);
3. providing opportunities for upcoming or innovative artists to create or to be presented in your programme;
4. being rooted in its’ local community fostering local connections in the programme and among the performers/ performances. The festival involves local artists as well as local audiences in its projects;
5. helping to increase access to culture and attract diverse audiences. (some examples include different socio-economic backgrounds, age groups, genders, and cultures);
6. taking measures to be more sustainable. This can refer to environment, economics, business models, and social impacts;
7. helping to shape, encourage and promote intercultural experiences for your audiences and artists;
8. embracing inclusivity as a core principle and practice;
9. investing in innovation and capacity building;
10. engaging with audiences, for example through educational programmes.

Screening Programme

AEI film Festival aims to raise awareness about the importance of heritage conservation promote inter-cultural understanding and encourage sustainable tourism by introducing the public to important examples of archaeological and cultural heritage from Cyprus and around the world through documentary films. It further aims to encourage filmmakers in documenting world heritage.

The program of the AEI 2019 Film Festival includes screenings of 19 documentary films from Cyprus and abroad as well as workshops, master classes and lectures.

The festival screening program consist of three sections:


Thirteen ten-minute documentaries prepared by high school students, who participated in workshops organized by the AEI Film Festival, in collaboration with the UNESO Associated Schools Network, will compete for three best student documentary awards, sponsored by Cyprus Radio-television Authority.


Eleven documentary films from Greece, Russia, New Zealand, Mexico, UK, France and Italy compete for the Audience Award for the Best Foreign Documentary Film belonging in any of the three main categories: Archaeology; Ethnography; History.


Seven documentary films from Cyprus compete for the Audience Award for the Best Cypriot Documentary Film belonging in any of the three main categories: Archaeology; Ethnography; History.

The thirteen student films and the documentary KINYRAS: THE CHERISHED PRIEST OF APHRODITE are excepted from this award.

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Warm gratitudes to the following organisations for their substantial support they offered to the 2nd Cyprus Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Film Festival 

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Student Workshop Supporters

The second series of students’ workshops on short documentary film production with the participation of 160 students and 13 teachers from High Schools and Lyceums belonging to the Cyprus UNESCO Associated Schools Network, became reality due to the support of the following organisations

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